DC Comics NFT Offerings


The Early Offering

So, we are in the age of the NFT and like many of us nerdy types I did the research and my interest was peaked. when I learned that DC Comics had partnered with palm to help them was going to dip its toe in this particular pool of water, snd that there were giving away a free NFT to early adopters I jumped at the chance. It was cool amnd intresting but the NFTs were kind of stuck in this new platform. I forgot about it and sort of gave up on the whole NFT thing.

The Hybrid Offerings

Then a while later I came across a second offering by DC the realm of NFTs. This time the product they were selling was what they were calling a Hybrid NFT. This meant that there was going to be a real physical component to the collection this time. In essence what DC comics did was to Mary a digital NFT with a physical trading card. These cards represented a unque1:1 pair of each other- this meant that part of the value was tangible. The platform was also far more robust allowing for the sale and trade of the cards a user collected. There is also a competitive element where collectors could compete for higher ratings by completing set categories or even by owning cards with a lower “Mint Number” (As copies of NFTs and cards are printed they are assigned a mint number.)

The clear winner

Beyond the aspects mentioned above this other NFT platform supported a way for the exporting of the the NFT component of a card into a compatible ethereum wallet. This makes the hybrid offering portable a more attractive prospect in my humble opinion.

It is also my understanding that the team behind these hybrid cards are working on a crafting aspect where you can craft digital only version of cards missing from your collection. The willingness to gamify and expand the platform beyond a simple NFT Vault makes me value the offerings found on https://hro.gg makes it the better NFT platform for collecting Digital DC Comics memorabilia.

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