Good tv is back


What else? I guess I could talk about the Doctor. Who? Well, if you don’t know, I won’t bother. The new, improved 13th Doctor ( Go ahead, call me wrong, I dare you) started out in my favorite setting; Victorian London, with my favorite set of supporting characters, those of The Great Detective: A Sontaran , a Human, and a Silurian (posing as a woman with a skin disorder, so what’s Strax?  A Dwarf? )  He’s just off the regeneration cycle, and is , understandably , loopy.

This episode is written by Emmy award winning writer of Sherlock, Steven Moffat and is hilarious and great. It sets up the Doctor in his latest incarnation and also redefines his relationship with Clara. We also get the tear jerking moment where Matt Smith gets to say his goodbye lines (but nothing will ever beat Tennants’  “I don’t want to go!”).

The plot revolves around the immolations deaths of several of Londons residents, including a dinosaur dragged back from the past, and the Doctor is on the case!  We are also teased with a new villain ( not the one in this episode)  that is being set up as the main threat for the season, or maybe longer… A woman in black named Missy, who apparently lives in Heaven and proclaims herself the Doctor’s girlfriend. It may be River Song in a new incarnation, after all she has Time Lord Blood in her, but I kind of doubt it. River may be played out for now.  So that leaves us a nice mystery to keep our interest, as if it would ever wane for a true fan!!

All in all, I would give this episode a 5 out of 5 stars. No need for explanation.

My good friend, Fernando felt the episode ‘Dark’ . I didn’t get that, but then, it WAS Victorian London and it involved the burning of victims to hide…ah, well, as River would say, “Spoilers!”

Watch it already, and if you’ve never seen Doctor Who, don’t worry, I plan on writing a primer of important facts to get you up to speed for the new season, and his extremely interesting history. Tah for now.

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