Wayward Pines


Does anyone remember M. Night Shyamalan? He had a string of twisty, Hitchcock-like string of movies awhile back, like; Sixth Sense (“I see DEAD people!”), Signs, Unbreakable and The Village?

It’s that last one I was wondering if you saw, because there’s this NEW TV show on called “Wayward Pines”, (with M Night as Executive Producer) which, at first glance has a Twin Peaks – like feel to it, with an FBI agent, creepy cryptic catch phrases, a spooky nurse, a passive-aggressive sheriff,   and everything, minus the great pie (but some kick-ass ice cream).

The show starts with the FBI man waking up in the middle of a wooded area, injured. He then wanders into the town Wayward Pines, and is greeted by more questions than answers. At the hospital they tell him he has a concussion from “the accident” and needs to stay. But our angry agent isn’t having any. The questions keep coming with no answers for four episodes! (well, we DO find out there is a huge, prison-like wall surrounding the place, but not much else)

But after watching the most recent episode, entitled “The Truth” (SPOILERS coming if you can’t handle it)

We find out that this is another Village with a little twist: It’s the last bastion of human beings in the year 4028, and outside are the carnivorous mutations that once were us. Or not. THEY could be lying, and it’s another, more elaborate hoax being played on the main character, Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) januvia generic.

Call me crazy, but LOST sort of made me hungry for more answers, quicker, in a plot. And even though those answers may (or may not) be lies, at least things are moving along, by the fifth episode….

This show is based on a series of novels of the same name by Blake Crouch.

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