Nintendo recently released the first of what many assume to be a wave of mobile apps and games, and they did so in the form of Miitomo. So What exactly is Miitomo? Well it’s Nintendo’s answer to the  social network.  It also servers the purpose of increasing the number of people subscribed into their rewards program, My Nintendo . Interacting with other Mitomo users earns you coins that can be used to redeem prizes from the rewards program, My Nintendo.

While I like the app and have enjoyed interacting with the few people I have managed to  collect in my friends list I have to admit getting them there is harder than it has to be — but this I suppose is to be expected given the nature of Nintendo and the relationship they have with online socializing.

So Now that I’ve peaked your interest, your wondering what exactly is miitomo? Well it’s a watered down version of the 3ds game tomodachi-life . Basically you change the look and feel of your mii including clothing, which you by from a shop with coins. These coins are earned by interacting with others and answering questions about yourself.

This game is fun and amusing and well a nice distraction while you wait  to see the doctor or the clerk at the dmv.



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