DC Deckbuilding game


Cryptozoic games has added another ‘flavor’ to their card building engine, in a DC  mode.

While this game asks you to play your favorite super hero and defeat the villains, it really plays like a point gathering exercise. I mean, sure, there’s great artwork on the cards, and they are on nice stock, but making them interchangeable with a Firefly based game with the same rules should tell you something.

Don’t get me wrong, I love games and had a fun time play testing this with another editor, but as to getting the feeling that you were beating up bad guys? It didn’t live up to that.

It is also a competitive game, not a cooperative one, which you might think would be the setting for a team of good guys trying to save  the day. Instead, you send villains and their attacks at fellow players, trying to mess up their game.

The instructional videos online don’t help either, they sort of explain the set up, but not the game play so much.

I would play this again, and maybe try some of the expansion packs, but this could have just as easily been an app.

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