Batman V Superman


So it’s been a few days since I’ve seen the Batman V Superman movie and I have had time to reflect about what I saw and how I feel about it — so let’s get right to it.

The best parts of this film, in my own and humble opinion were in fact contained in two small portions of the movie. First the bit that made up the action sequences of the actual Batman V Superman bout – the second, well that was the actual on-screen time that the character spent as her hero persona Wonder Woman. The moments she was on-screen kicking ass and taking names, were breath-taking and beautiful – I can’t wait  for her solo act. (Ok, I’ll grant you she really had no reason really be in a movie called Batman V Superman).

Everything else? Well that’s a confused mess of plot and CGI, designed to cram as many references and plot threads as possible into a single movie intended to be the platform from which other films will build.  Man of steel,  is apart of this new DC cinematic universe. Think of it however as a spoke connected to the hub that Batman v Superman has made itself into.  Honestly it felt like the writers were told this very thing and then handed a list of things they had to feature in the film. This imaginary checklist was so filled with items that it felt like every minute of screen time was crafted by writers to maximize the number of filled checked boxes.

To be completely clear the casting of actors, actresses, is irreverent and even spot on. I have no qualms about the films art direction, it was in these regards an enjoyable film.

It is my contention that given the time of an individual movie or television programs, the tangled mess of plot hooks could have been less tangled, fleshed out and explored independently of one another, allowing for greater character development. This would have had the effect of making the world of the DCU feel larger and more cohesive. Instead what we get is a movie that screams at it’s audience, quickly digest all this information, remember these plot threads we are 2 avengers movies behind Marvel we have to hurry in order catch up.

If you’re willing to sit through the two hours and thirty-three minutes, and are willing to ignore the tangled mess that crowds this film it can be part of an entertaining night out.

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