Star Wars Darth Vader #1


Star Wars Darth Vader #1


Publisher: Marvel
Retail Price: $4.99
Release Date: FEB 11 2015
Artist : Salvador Larroca
Cover(Penciller): Adi Granov
Writer(s): Kieron Gillen


Like the other Star Wars books that are going to release this year, there are two obvious goals, first fill in some of the plot holes left gaping by the original films and secondly keep the interest in the franchise high for the December 18 release of the force awakens.

This book is really well crafted it reaches that two goals and even achieves a third, dovetailing with the main Star Wars on going. No doubt that the planed princess lea ongoing will do the same. Beyond reaching those heights the book ends on a note that makes Vader seem like the emotional man-child Lucas’ prequels would have you believe lives under the mask.

The art in the book was excellent on par with the main Star Wars title the writing is decent and its worth buying just because it is a Star Wars Marvel book.

I enjoyed it for what it is, a shameless cash cow.

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