Star Trek: Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive


So Yesterday was new years’s eve  and it was a really light week for new comic releases.   Even so, I did however pickup IDW’s newest crossover event. Star Trek: Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive. When I first learned that this was a thing I was taken aback by the proposition of a cross over for these two franchises but after reading trough the book, i set it down thinking WOW, this was actually a really great read.

What jumped out at me was the dialogue, worked and really felt like the written word of Star Trek’s original cast. It was like I was watching an all-new episode of the original Star Trek. This to me is part of creating an atmosphere with a work of comic book fiction, sort of like music and sound effects add to the atmosphere of a video game. the comer stone of any good work of fiction is the story and I am happy to report that  this book delivers on all the high notes, it contained just enough plot to introduce a mystery and hook me for book two of this four part run.

While its true this issue carries very little in terms of major plot development, we are given a reason, why   and how of the crossover event. We are also given are given the very first seeds of a mystery and hints at villain in the shadows. I personally enjoyed the writing, both Scott Tipton and David Tipton  forged and they were able to make believe this was an episode o Star Trek.

Bridge during battle.

Bridge during battle.

These leads me to why we all read comics, the art work.  This issue made excellent use of dynamic panel and line work to effectively translated the famous Star Trek camera work.   Racheal Scott did a great job of making me enjoy the  representation of space combat, something really hard to capture, in a two dimensional space. It was dynamic and fast and it  worked very much like an episode of Star Trek.

Everyone who enjoyed the Mirror universe episodes should read this, it has all the same charm, now with a twist of Apes and a dash of lemons.


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