Publisher: Image
Retail Price: $2.99
Release Date: MAR 11 2015
Artist : JONBOY
Writer(s): Paul Jenkins



Hey everyone It’s Gozer84 here and I’m back with a new comic review of Spawn Resurrection, Now 2 weeks ago I was all HYPED up for the release of Spawn #250, I was so ready to review it and called dibs on it, well lets just say that book fell very short and was a terrible spawn book, I mean C’mon this is Spawns milestone the monumental issue #250 and you gave all of us Spawn fans a bad book, The fact Al Simmons is returning as Spawn and all the crazy stuff about to happen and then you give us this book………I didn’t even want to review the book, it wasn’t a spawn book that we are used to as we barley had spawn at all, so I hope this little rant makes up for that review :). Now let’s get into this weeks new book which by far has blown me away with the story and the actual return of Al Simmons (Spawn) This book although was a one shot, This book felt like the true issue #250.

Writing–  Paul Jenkins the writer hits a home run in creating a powerful story which brings Spawn back from limbo, I don’t want to get into to much detail in the story as this is what makes the book so great. But I will say what plagued the #250 issue with all of the none relevant stuff happening and just all over the place and not really tying in very well, This book kinda had that in it but the more the story unfolded the book became better and BOOM you get hit with this sudden sadness and anger as it pulls real life situations into Spawns life. The story worked out great and totally became issue #250 for me because I was given a proper story and was able to connect with Spawn the whole book. This is a great redeemer book for that last issue.

Art/Coloring– The art by JONBOY was fantastic, Especially when teamed up with colorist FCO PLASCENCIA this book finally feels like a Spwan book. The art style is very clean and the colors are sharp and when needed very dark. The cover art on the books are fantastic, as for my book I have the JONBOY and MCFARLANE variant cover and I love it.

This book is worth the $2.99 price tag and again it redeems the last issue and a must read for the true Spawn fan.


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