Silk #1


Silk #1


Publisher: Marvel
Retail Price: $3.99
Release Date: FEB 18 2015
Artist : Stacy Lee
Cover(Penciller): Dave Johnson
Writer(s): Robbie Thompson






So this is it,  a character born from the original sin event and fleshed out during Spiderverse: Silk. I loved Lee’s Art here I thought it was stunning and captured the feel of a “young girl with powers”. Some of the jokes didn’t seem to mesh with reality and had the same effect as the iPhone in Spider-man’s Learning to Crawl. While certain things are known to contemporary readers they were not the norm when the original spider bite occurred, unless the timeline has been retconned and I am unaware.

The plot was formulaic, new hero adjusting to a new-found super power and a menacing villain watching from the shadows aware of said hero.

In any event the issue is at least worth more than the paper it’s printed on because of Stacy’s art

Unlike Gwen Stacy Silk has no other  supporting cast, other than Peter Parker, Yet.

I would give this one a read.

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