Psychosis Issue #1


Psychosis Issue #1

Publisher: Indie
Retail Price: 3.00 CAD (PDF)
Release Date: October 
Artist /Writer(s): Adam Atkinson, David Coates



So back in October I received a review copy for Psychosis, it’s a tale about a dystopian future where civilization is essentially divided into two camps, the gifted and the not so gifted, those of us in the less gifted camp aren’t doing so well, in the grand scheme of things.

But as always there is hope!  This is a neat little cautionary tale about our own hubris.  There was a kickstarter that funded back October of this year, so there is a following, and I heard from Adam that there is a second issue is on the way. While the writing is a little tough to follow, with a few issues under their belts’ Adam and David’s dystopian fairy tale will become  an exciting indie project worth following.

If you want a copy be sure to swing by their webstore.

Extraordinary Effort
  • Interior & Exterior Art (Pencil & Ink Work, Coloring)
  • Writing


Lets all face it the reason we all we read comics is for the art and this comic has it in spades smooth action and vivid details, while the writing feels a bit stilted that is to be expected with any brand new venture. In a few issues I am predicting this will be a project we will all want to follow.

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