Penultiman #1


Heroes, with feelings.

AHOY comics
Tom P,eyer, writer.
Alan Robinson, artist .
Lee Loughridge, colorist.
Rob Steen, letterer.

What we have here is a Super-person that is just PENultimate, see, he was rejected by the people of the future where he is a Throwback. But even though he desperately craves the acceptance of his future parents, he is treated the same way he treats his super robot Duplicate, Antepenultiman!! (look it up, I’ll wait.)
When he is summoned back to the future to save it, he puts his double in charge.
And when he returns…
From the writer of the hilarious ‘The Wrong Earth’, we are given a Superman, written with all the self loathing Spidey was known for. Can’t wait for issue two!

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