Muitiversity schools us in good comics


I have just read the new Multiversity: Pax Americana, and I can honestly say that Great comics are not dead.  Grant Morrison has secured his place in the comic book greats pantheon.

We all saw/read the Watchmen, right?

We all know it was based of the Charleton rights bought by DC back in the day and handed over to Alan Moore to do with as he pleased, and then they decided to ‘switch’ certain names and places for others, right?

Captain Atom became Doctor Manhattan; The Question became Rorschach, etc.? Well, WHAT IF they kept the names the same and gave them their own universe? That’s whats happening here with the latest installment from Grant Morrison’s “Multiversity” and it’s pure genius. From the reverse time flow, to the creative comic paneling, to the magnificent art by Frank Quitely, it’s like having the Watchmen back again, in a new story, Just as compelling, but much, much too short. This could have been a 12 issue series, and I would have bought every issue, like I did with …you know januvia cost. It’s compelling reading.

I would recommend the entire series and ANYTHING written by Morrison at this point, it’s just THAT good. This is a gourmet meal in one issue, just in time for Thanksgiving.

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