Gotham Academy #4


Gotham Academy #4

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Publisher: DC
Retail Price: $2.99
Page Count: 32
Release Date: Jan 28 2015
Artist : Karl Kerschl
Cover: Karl Kerschl
Writer(s): Brenden Fletcher, Becky Cloonan

So this Week I Read Gotham Academy Issue #4. Now, this  title is one of my NEW and current favorites. When people hear that I like this book they all say the same thing, “Really? What’s it about?” My answer to that is always the same, its like J.K Rowling decided to write a Bat book. All the archetypes you’d expect to find in any boarding school drama are there. Take this fantastic Harry like story and give it to the very talented Karl Kerschl you have the what I consider the best of the “bat-books” in circulation at the moment . This book is crazy phenomenal.

It all centers around the main character and the mystery of why a patron decided to pay the full tuition to one of Gotham’s very exclusive schools. If that mystery wasn’t enough to get you going, I am sure the mysteries sheltered by this very old building, one that’s had the comings and goings of generations of élite Gothomites roaming its halls.

The supporting cast of characters are well fleshed out and  feel like real teenagers, part of the credit here has to go to Kerschl, his art really captures and expresses all the subtle nuance of the emotion happening in any one panel.  Unlike the headlining “bat-books” character’s within the walls of  the Academy have their own opinion of the caped crusader, and of the criminal element he attracts to the city and I must say those opinions vary.

I could gush about this book for ages and spoil the story and the tiny details that make this book so Awesome, but I won’t Instead I will Urge you to check it out yourself.


Note: There an interesting tie in to this series, with Arkham Manor #4.

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