Five Weapons


I’ve just discovered the series, ‘Five Weapons” and I wanted to endorse it in the strongest sense, if you  like: Bizarre concepts, Clever wordplay and High School Drama. With Weapons.I’m going to quote from the very first page of the very first book:

“Are you a hired assassin worried about your children’s education? Are you worried they won’t find the adequate skills to be a hit man? Then worry no longer. The School of Five Weapons is just for you”

That line right there tells you all you need to know; Light hearted mayhem ensues. The book follows one Tyler Shainline, son of a World famous hit man , and his first days at this new school. This book reminds me a bit of Morning Glories, but takes the subject matter far less seriously. The Artwork is also colorful and light, and it has a definite Anime feel to the story telling, which may be in part, the reason I like it so much. This title has been out for almost a year now, but having just discovered it, I want to make this part of the ‘Hidden Gems’  out there.

The schools Five weapon Classes are: Knives, led by student leader Jade the Blade (nice, right?) , Blunt instruments, led by Rick the Stick, Archery, led by Darryl the Arrow,  Exotic weapons led by Joon the Loon and Guns, led by Nat the Gat (an old time nickname for a gun). I can almost see this as a cartoon series for us older kids, and that might very well be their intention.

This is a really fun series, and I can’t wait to read more.

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