Hi this is Gozer84 here with a review of the Deadpool vs Carnage saga and will start you out on book # 1. this comic takes place after Carnage aka Cletus Kasady, once a mentally unstable serial killer escapes prison and is now living among us killing again as CARNAGE…. who else in their right mind would face such a villain? of course Wade Wilson aka DEADPOOL would, he crazy as hell, but he is also one of Marvel’s badasses that can’t die, so this should be an awesome fight to the end.  sorry for rambling so much lol, let’s go ahead and jump into the psychopathic serial killer alien against a insane mercenary that will do what it takes to win.

WRITING- the writing in this book was really good all though at times it seemed very slow for these two mayhem causing guys, but the writer Cullen Bunn was able to portray them very well and has a story that will grab you and leave you wanting more and not being able to wait for the next issue. I give the story and writing a 4.2 stars out of 5.

ARTWORK- The art and illustrations in this comic are amazing, you get all the blood, bullets, alien axes,swords, guns, explosions, and awesome details you would expect from Carnage and Deadpool. the artist did really good at capturing the awesome battle between these two as this turned into a hectic battleground. i give the art a 5 out of 5 stars.

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