DC Convergence – WHY?


Dc Convergence – Why again?

So DC has this mega event they have started, putting the New 52 stories (the new continuity) on hold while they get these stories out. And what are these stories about?

Well, ok, before the New 52 began there was this   ..event… (Probably Flashpoint) that ‘rebooted’ the continuities of the DC universe into 52 distinct parallel dimensions. But, BEFORE that, there were Infinite universes, (before the Crisis on Infinite…you get the idea) and then before THAT, we had Silver age stories, or the longest running continuities, or whatever, and the Convergence story is saying that in every version of these storylines, there was a Brainiac that captured and shrank (or moved) to his party planet, Telos. He even took samplings from the Elseworld storylines, or what they used to call ‘Imaginary Stories’ (I know, they ALL are) and put THEM on Telos as well.

Ok, so some thing or another, having to do with a recent storyline in Superman and the Doomsday virus triggers this Convergence, where a Brainiac amalgam decides to have his own little version of Thunderdome on this patchwork planet, to see which of the stolen cities are “Most Worthy”.

Does this sound familiar? The original Secret Wars (Marvel) was because a godlike being wanted to see what was more worth, good or evil, on a patchwork planet he cobbled together.

I am not sure what the purpose of these stories are for.

Maybe it’s a history lesson for all the new readers who’ve never heard of some of these characters. If that’s the case, why bring them back just to have them bash each others brains in, effectively ending those stories?

And if they are to sell new compilations of these older books, why do it in such a negative light?

You know what they should have done, was to make some animated movies about these timelines, like John Byrnes Elseworld opus: Generations. I’d have paid for that (They made a Flashpoint movie).

Some of these storylines I barely remember, and I have been reading them since he 60’s!

And lastly, some of the lamest crossover books were the cartoon worlds meeting the Super ones. Captain Carrot and Superman in the same book? How many issues did THAT sell? Sugar and Spike? ( I didn’t read that one even back then). What about ‘Mazing Man, or Ambush bug? And I STILL haven’t seen the Creeper in a a decent incarnation since Ditko’s yet!!

If any of you out there have any ideas on this, the WHY, let men know. I’m baffled and not entertained.

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