Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return



Hey everyone I hope your ready for an awesome adventure as I bring to you new this week Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return #1. We all love these 2 time traveling rockers and there back with an all new adventure. BOOM studios has brought us a new 6 book comic series of Bill & Ted and I couldn’t be happier, So let’s go ahead and jump into the action and see where it takes us.


Writing- The story has Bill & Ted (Wyld Stallyns) going into different futures after they win the battle of the bands back in 1991, They run into different versions of themselves and of course they would find robot versions as well. The story is well kinda kiddy, and I know what to expect from Bill & Ted but this was just put together as a childish comic. The writer Brian Lynch was able to capture the essence of Bill & Ted in the comic but it wasn’t enough to save it from being to childish, “This was totally bogus dudes”. I may have hyped this comic up in my head a little to much as I was a fan of the films but the book totally lacks that vibe and leaves you wanting to a little more from it.

Art/Coloring- The book is totally drawn and colored like a cartoon, again this book is kiddy and the art definitely lacks, The art is so blocky and super cartoonish that it was just a total let down along with the coloring as they chose to go with super bright colors and loud backgrounds that take away from the main characters, I was expecting more from this department after getting a meh story but again they went childish on this series.

I for one a fan of Bill & Ted totally thought this would be EXCELLENT! but I was given something far from that, Don’t get me wrong This book is great for kids and teens but will not sit well with true fans of the films, The art and writing are childish/kiddy and was totally not worth the cover price of $3.99. If I wanted a super cartoony childish book I would have bought Scooby Doo or Power Puff Girls.

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