Batman #09


Publisher: DC
Release Date: Oct 19, 2016
Artist :Mikel Janin
Writer: Tom King

I loooove foreshadowing issues, you know, where the whole thing is like a prelude to some huge caper? Well, Spoiler Alert.. Batman 09 is such a tale, with one of the best bits of Batman history (as it stands now) thrown in.

Gotham Girl is still suffering the effects of her encounter with Psycho Pirate, and since he is in Santa Prisca, home of Bane, it is going to be somewhat… difficult… for old Bats to just go down there and retrieve him.

So what team should he get? Justice League? Nah, too much. Other members of the Bat-family? Surprisingly, no.

Even better, he picks his team from SPOILER ALERT Arkham Asylum!! (The Psycho Squad?) Since Rebirth, we haven’t heard from a lot of our favorite crazies, and what, if any, changes have been made to their various storylines.

Be ready for a parade of the obscure, the forgotten (for some of us) villains from Batman’s’ past. The original Ventriloquist, Calendar Man, Tweedle dum and dee (seen recently as luchadores on Gotham) and… Punch and Jewlee?

This all leads up to a Super dangerous crazy strapped up, Lechter mask and all, being asked to join the team. Who is it? Surely not….him. You’ll have to read it and find out. If you like these types of foreshadowing issues as well, you’ll be rubbing your hands together in maniacal glee with anticipation of the next issue!!

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