Archie vs Predator


Hey Everyone I’m back with a new thrilling review of Archie vs Predator. Archie and the gang are on spring break and are deciding what to do this year, well after throwing around ideas Jug head opens his potato chips and to everyone’s surprise they have won an exclusive beach vacation…..I don’t think he should have bought those chips as it will be more than a vacation for Archie and the gang. After the first night there they see a shooting star (predators ship) and everyone makes their wishes, I hope somebody wished to get off that island……. Next morning there was a beauty contest and a late addition to the contest created a nice girl fight between Betty and Veronica that made everyone go into the jungle (bad move), Veronica takes off into the jungle and locates a weird shrine temple with a mysterious dagger in it, But after awhile of searching they find her and are ready to leave the beach but where’s Jason and Cheryl?!?!?!?! No one pays them any mind as they think they have already left, Everyone’s back to their normal lives back in the city but a certain something has followed them and looks forward to taking some new trophies home.

Writing- The writer Alex de Campi has created an awesome fresh Archie story that has me wanting more. The story premise of Archie sooner or later meeting one of the most feared hunters the Predators, This will shape up into a great story as it’s been good so far through the first issue.

Art/color- The Art is great Fernando Ruiz and Jason Millet have done a great job, Everyone knows how Archie comics look, Well they gave this book a graphics upgrade as the art and colors come to life and just make this book stand out from the rest of the Archie franchise.

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