Archie…number one


If ANY comic needed a revamping, it was Archie. OK, even with the latest “alternate” stories, like Archie vs Predator, and Zombie Archie, it was still DRAWN in the same style, with the same two dimensional characters.

Now Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, SHIELD) has come at us with a fresh (after 75 years, anything would be..) take on a venerable character. Ok, I admit it, I’ve read Archie comics, watched the animated show that took over from the Monkees, and all the rest. I read ALL the comics, even Harvey comics on long road trips…

In the first issue, we get an ‘origin’ of sorts, meeting a set of more complex characters as well as some new ones. Jughead, Mister Weatherbee, Betty, Reggie, but no Lodges…..yet. The backup feature is a reprint of the very first Archie story from Pep comics #22 benicar blood pressure. Fiona Staples (Saga) supplies the artwork, and it is also less ‘cartooney’ than Archie  has previously been drawn.

Archie breaks the fourth wall and speaks to us directly about things going on in his life, and we are given hints about a ‘lipstick incident’.  I really enjoyed this first issue and may start reading it regularly again.

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