Airboy – not what you think


This latest version of Airboy will leave you wondering what it was you just read.
You may think you’re going to read a Golden Age Classic revisited, or perhaps a time travel story where our hero finds himself in a modern age.
The Story begins with the writer being assigned the job of writing Airboy for a modern comic company, Image visit homepage. Kind of biographical background on the making of, but these guys behave more like rock stars that what we’d believe comic creators would behave like.
James Robinson (Starman) is the writer charged with the re-creation, or re-imagining, or something, and therein lies the plot. What do you do with such a, well, LAME property?
And so, in the tradition of ‘Fear and Loathing’, Robinson and artist Greg Hinkle (Glory) Debauch themselves in epic style to get the ‘Juices flowing’.
This has some VERY adult situations and this book is NOT for the younger, or more immature readers, but it has some interesting twists that has me ready to read at least one more issue.

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