Dial ‘H’ for Hero


pt 2

In our last episode,…

Robby Reed had found a mysterious Dial that, when used to spell what he believes is H-E-R-O, he becomes various Super-powered heroes!! (back to part 1)

Christopher “Chris” King and Victoria “Vicky” Grant

The next time we hear about the H dial is a contest announced in Legion of Super Heroes, that you can submit your own heros and heroines, and if chosen, would appear in the stories, with full credit, and a T-shirt, but DC kept the rights.

The Story starts with Chris’s family moving into old house. Dad is a cop, and he has an annoying brother. Vicki is already going to school and pestered by another boy. Chris sees Vicki, is smitten, and he sketches her (amazingly like Carmine Infantino!!),she sees it and is flattered. She decides that he is good excuse to ditch her pest, and on the way to his house, he discovers it is considered Haunted by the locals, and even the pesky kid that follows them is scared away from the house. Meanwhile the kids, exploring the still-new to them house, they find a chest with the plaque:

Yeah, not too freaky.

Vicki is NOT freaked out, and opens the chest to find two watches, a Wrist watch and a necklace, and on the back are dials, with only the letters HERO. Vicki dials first and becomes Futura!! (created by Jim Simpers, age 15) Now possessing many mental powers she see the dials as ways to help the community and prompts Chris to follow suit, and he becomes….The Moth!! (created by Danny Vozzo age 17). Futura, being a brainy type, even knows how to reverse the changes made by the dial!

So now, dialed-in to their powers and purpose, (sorry, sorry) They begin their crime fighting career. And they begin encountering more than their fair share of bad guys, (also submitted by fans ) almost as if they were coming off an assembly line somewhere….and they are!!

(to be continued…)

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